A major outflow of cash from most profitable businesses is taxes. And while proper planning does not guarantee the elimination of taxes, it can minimize the liability. The professionals at our firm are dedicated to helping our clients retain their profits by keeping current on the ever-changing tax code, and by planning accordingly. We have dedicated substantial resources to ensure that our tax professionals and tax library (both paper and electronic) can deliver the most comprehensive services possible.

We have extensive experience with tax preparation, research, and representation before Federal and State tax authorities. Our specialists have authored tax opinions and requests for private letter rulings, and have been guest speakers at various business seminars.

Our expertise includes:

  • Corporate tax preparation and compliance
  • Tax preparation for individuals, trusts, and estates
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Tax opinions
  • Tax compliance and reporting for various forms of entity
  • Comprehensive tax planning for businesses, individuals and estates
  • Multi-state taxation and nexus issues
  • International taxation